Textile fibers and foamed materials wide application range for construction sector: false ceilings soundproofing, pyramid or alveolar polyurethane foam, thermal foam tubes, foam insulation rolls, foam tapes, antivibration parts...


Acoustic panel: designed to improve sound in rooms with false microperforated ceilings.

Flat, alveolar and pyramid poyurethane foam; available self adhesive and/ or impregnated polyurethane foam (fire resistant following C-s2 d0 Euroclasses)

Bass traps, designed to improve the behavior of low frequencies; manufactured with own designs or under specification.

Thermal isolation

Thermal foam tubes.

Thermal insulation for pipes and conduits, made with crosslinked PE or rubber, available in various diameters and thicknesses.

Foam rolls. Aluminium sided available.

Crosslinked polyethilene (Bs1d0) and rubber rolls (Bs3d0). Maximum thickness 20mm. Aluminum and adhesive can be added in order to improve thermal properties and final placement. Commonly used for components thermal insulation in air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration installations. It prevents heat / cold exchanges improving energy efficiency.


Custom polyurethane, polyethilene, rubber foam tapes.

Combining widths, thicknesses, materials and adhesives we get a wide portfolio of products/applications.


Anti vibration, anti slip material; custom pieces, strips, and sheets available.